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Government Grants for Education

On Demand Webinar: Using ESSER Funding

Watch the Motorola Solutions On Demand webinar to learn how your School District can use ESSER funds to help limit the spread of Covid-19 in your campuses by upgrading your video security & analytics system.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Covid -19 Response Analytics: No Face Mask Detection, Social Distancing Technology, Occupancy Counting
  • Contact Tracing using Access Control & Appearance Search
  • Avigilon Cloud Services Web & Mobile Client
  • Mapping for First Responders & 9-11 Dispatch
  • Elevated Temperature Detection Thermal Cameras (and how your school can get a thermal screening solution for free!)

Watch the On Demand Webinar

Download the Webinar Presentation

Coronavirus Response & Relief Act: Education Stabilization Fund



The Coronavirus Response & Relief Act provides a refresh of three CARES Act grant programs under the umbrella of the Education Stabilization Fund:

  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER II) Fund ($54.3 billion)
  • Higher Education Emergency Relief (HEER II) Fund ($22.7 billion)
  • Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER II) Fund ($4.1 billion)

These grant programs are being administered through the U.S. Department of Education and are intended to support efforts by states, schools and institutions of higher learning to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus, but each has a different focus and are subject to different eligibility requirements.

Consider Covid-19 Technology from Motorola Solutions
For Your Education Stabilization Fund Dollars

Motorola Solutions offers a variety of solutions that can be deployed to help education agencies in their coronavirus response and mitigation efforts. You may be able to use your Education Stabilization Fund grant on these solutions, but you should consult your SEA and/or legal department if you have questions.

  • Distance Learning
  • Social Distancing Technology
  • Occupancy Counting Technology
  • No Face Mask Detection Technology
  • Contact Tracing Technology
  • Temperature Sensing Cameras

Download the Coronavirus Response & Relief Act: Education Stabilization Fund Grant Executive Summary