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Digital Radios vs Cellular Phones Overview

VDC Research White Paper

VDC Research Reveals which Technology Is the Trusted Choice for Critical Mobile Communications and Savings

More than 800 professionals rank their mobile investments. Download to read how digital radios can overcome common cell phone challenges, such as:

  • Significantly higher total cost of ownership
  • 18-20 percent failure rate
  • Poor audio quality and coverage

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Digital Radios Lower Security Risks and Costs By 50%

Learn What Maximizes School Safety and Minimizes Spending

When your schools and buses need help, depend on digital radio reliability. Digital radios can better prepare schools in protecting students, staff and investments.

Discover why digital radios can lower security risks and costs by 50 percent.

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Is Your Technology Reducing Downtime?

Manufacturers are Up and Running Faster with Digital Radios

See Why Leaner Operations are Built on Digital Radios - Not Other Technologies.

Find Out What Technology Reduces Downtime.

Discover what technology is three times less likely to fail.

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