Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

8 | 800-774-6535 • WWW.GOLDENSTATEINC.COM SOLVING FOR SAFER EVERYWHERE Appearance search Find who you are looking for faster with video search that can be initiated by selecting specific physical descriptions such as hair or clothing color, gender and age category or vehicle type and color. CommandCentral Aware Provide critical incident insights and eyes-on-the-scene with real-time video, resource GPS location information, streamlined incident intelligence and direct communication connections within your facility and with response teams. Self-learning video analytics Leverage the power of video analytics and define rules to receive real-time notifications to monitor your facilities and property, thereby enabling immediate response and providing peace of mind that your operations are covered 24/7. Featured technology Perimeter Alert Analyze Known individual located Nearby cameras are populated and security teams monitor the movement of the banned individual. Nearest security resources are located.