Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

79 | 800-774-6535 • WWW.GOLDENSTATEINC.COM APX MISSION CRITICAL P25 COMMUNICATIONS APX 8000 SERIES ALL-BAND P25 PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS CHAOS DOESN’T STOP AT BORDERS. CRIMINALS DON’T RESPECT BOUNDARIES. SO YOUR COMMUNICATIONS SHOULDN’T BE LIMITED TO LOCAL FREQUENCIES. With multi-mode access to all four major P25 bands, APX 8000 series radios know no limits when it comes to interoperability. You can work seamlessly with virtually any agency on any P25 system—and all from a single radio. Stay connected further with the high-power configuration of the APX 8500 mobile. And if that isn’t enough – APX 8000 series radios can reroute your P25 communication over available broadband networks and keep you connected when outside of P25 coverage. Whether you’re yelling for backup or quietly whispering for assistance, you still need that message to get through. The APX 8000 Adaptive Audio Engine dynamically adjusts the radio’s audio response to deliver optimal clarity. Wind is filtered out and background noise is wiped away. Quiet audio is boosted and feedback howl is suppressed. Security is more important than ever. Cyber-criminals are testing you on the streets and over the air. Fight back with the entire toolbox. Supporting simultaneous multi-protocol encryption and certified to FIPS 140-2 level 3, the APX 8000 series radios keep your critical communications absolutely iron-tight. APX 8500 UNLIMITED MOBILITY. MAXIMUM CONNECTIVITY All-band mobile radio available in high power and mid power versions. APX 8000HXE 360 DEGREES OF SAFETY All-band HazLoc portable radio for fire and rescue teams. APX 8000H 360 DEGREES OF PROTECTION All-band HazLoc portable radio for first responders and military teams. Available with SRX enhancement package. APX 8000XE UNLIMITED MOBILITY. EXTREME PERFORMANCE. All-band portable radio for fire and rescue teams. APX 8000 UNLIMITED MOBILITY. UNCOMPROMISING PERFORMANCE. All-band portable radio for first responders.