Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

77 | 800-774-6535 • WWW.GOLDENSTATEINC.COM APX MISSION CRITICAL P25 COMMUNICATIONS People count on you to get the job done no matter if you are a police officer or a firefighter. You may be serving in the military or work for a federal agency. You may be inspecting bridges or clearing blocked sewers. Whatever you do, there’s no room for error. Your job is mission critical. APX™ radios exist for this purpose. They’re designed to be reliable and to optimize your communications, specifically in extreme environments and during life-threatening situations. Even with the widest portfolio in the industry, APX continues to evolve. The latest APX N next generation radio lineup delivers revolutionary new capabilities to keep you safer and more effective. WE’VE PUT EVERYTHING WE’VE LEARNED OVER THE LAST 90 YEARS INTO APX. THAT’S WHY IT REPRESENTS THE VERY BEST OF THE OUR PORTFOLIO. THERE IS NO BETTER. THE BEST OF WHAT WE DO