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RAVE MOBILE SAFETY KEY FEATURES AND FUNCTIONALITY TO HELP YOU: Fast, Smart, Reliable School Safety From medical situations to the unthinkable, Rave’s Panic Button application provides one-push activation of any type of emergency. With Rave, a Motorola Solutions company, schools can instantly trigger a 9-1-1 response or send smart notifications to key stakeholders based on the type of event and location. The value of Rave Panic Button is that you’re not only notifying 9-1-1 about an emergency. You’re also alerting your staff and key people in the building about what’s going on. That’s the most critical improvement that the product brings, especially as a superintendent.” DR. TIMOTHY EAGEN SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT, KINGS PARK, NEW YORK “ INFORM THE RIGHT PEOPLE INSTANTLY INTEGRATE WITH UNLIMITED SYSTEMS & CAP MESSAGES QUICKLY BRING RESPONDERS ON-SCENE HELP EVERYONE TAKE THE RIGHT ACTIONS ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH STATE REGULATIONS RAVE PANIC BUTTON FOR K-12 SCHOOLS