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13 | 800-774-6535 • WWW.GOLDENSTATEINC.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED SOLUTION BRIEF | ECOSYSTEM OVERVIEW POWERFUL ALONE, GAME CHANGING TOGETHER Motorola Solutions has reimagined how safety is delivered by developing the first and only solution that unifies voice, video, data and analytics in a single platform. With one integrated technology ecosystem supported by a single, trusted solution provider, your organization can achieve the foundation of safety that everything else is built on while also reducing costs, stress and risk. Safety Reimagined is a unified solution that enables individuals, businesses and communities to work together in more powerful ways. The same technology that keeps your team and facility safe also makes you better at everything you do. Safety Reimagined integrates the fundamental technologies to keep your facility connected and operations efficient – providing the assurance of safety you need to deliver on your missions and objectives. REIMAGINE HOW SAFETY IS DELIVERED MAXIMIZE YOUR SECURITY INVESTMENTS WITH AN INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM Businesses depend on an increasingly diverse set of tools and technology to help stay safe and get the job done – effectively detecting and analyzing events, communicating, responding to and reporting any security or operational threats. However, outdated and siloed systems and processes in place today can negatively impact efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, risk the safety and security of people and property. An integrated technology ecosystem reduces inefficiencies, streamlines operations and delivers improved security for your organization. MANAGED & SUPPORT SERVICES COMMAND CENTER SOFTWARE SAFETY REIMAGINED ORCHESTRATE MISSION-CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS VIDEO SECURITY & ACCESS CONTROL DISPATCH MANAGEMENT BROADBAND PUSH-TO-TALK PRIVATE LTE SITE-WIDE MONITORING SOFTWARE ACCESS CONTROL VIDEO ANALYTICS INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FIXED/MOBILE VIDEO RADIOS 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS SAFETY #1 PRIORITY Safety for school staff, students and visitors ranked as top priority.* *Motorola Solutions 2021 Education Survey